Performance reporting

Under the federal financial relations framework, Commonwealth prescriptions on service delivery by the States were replaced with a focus on the achievement of government, of mutually agreed objectives and outcomes, and enhanced accountability through simpler and more transparent performance reporting.

The performance reporting framework that supports this objective of the Intergovernmental Agreement, focuses on the achievement of results, efficient service delivery and timely provision of publicly available performance information.

Performance reporting for National Agreements

The performance reporting framework for National Agreements is based on:

  • high-level performance indicators;
  • the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision  having overall responsibility for collating the necessary performance data; and
  • to 30 June 2014, the COAG Reform Council  publishing performance data relating to National Agreements, and National Partnerships to the extent that they support the objectives in National Agreements, within three months of receipt from the Steering Committee, along with a comparative analysis of this performance information.

Performance reporting for National Partnerships

For reform National Partnerships, the COAG Reform Council  assessed whether pre-determined milestones and performance benchmarks had been achieved before the Commonwealth considered whether payments to reward nationally significant reforms or service delivery improvements would be made.

From 1 July 2014, reward payments under reform National Partnerships remain contingent on the achievement of pre-determined milestones and performance benchmarks, with achievement assessed independently.

For other National Partnerships, the relevant Commonwealth portfolio minister is responsible for assessing whether performance requirements, as set out in the National Partnership, have been met before authorising whether the associated payment should be made.

Conceptual Framework for performance reporting

This conceptual framework [PDF 76KB] supports performance reporting under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations. The focus is on performance reporting under National Agreements and reform-based National Partnerships.

Report on Government Services

The Report on Government Services is an annual report. It presents data on the equity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of government services. It is produced by the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provisions and the Productivity Commission provides the Secretariat.

Competitive Neutrality Matrix Reports

Competitive neutrality requires that Government businesses operating in a market where there are actual or potential competitors should not enjoy any net competitive advantage as a consequence of public ownership.

The Commonwealth, States and Territories are required to report annually on competitive neutrality compliance, in observance with the competitive neutrality report requirements under the Competition and Infrastructure Regulation Agreement. The Heads of Treasuries are responsible for agreeing and publishing online the annual competitive neutrality matrix.