Note: National Cabinet agreed on 29 May 2020 that the Council on Federal Financial Relations would be responsible for all Commonwealth-State funding agreements, including reviewing the agreements process. Before commencing work on an agreement please contact, your usual Treasury contact, or Chris Perks on (02) 6263 3926 for the latest information.


Under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations, National Partnership payments to the States are facilitated by the following types of agreements:

  • National Partnerships, which support the delivery of specified projects, facilitate reforms or reward those jurisdictions that deliver on nationally significant reforms;
  • Implementation Plans, may be required where there are jurisdictional differences in context or approach to implementation under National Partnerships, or where information additional to the National Partnership is required to increase accountability and transparency; and
  • Project Agreements, which are a simpler form of National Partnership, for low value and/or low risk projects.

National Partnerships and Project Agreements are typically time limited.